About us

The companies of DDF People are characterised by their passion to realise customer satisfaction and the passion to develop co-workers. This started in 2008, when 'Werkis / verder met werk' was founded. The ambition to steer towards customer satisfaction and development of people resulted in a strong growth and an increase in the number of companies. The growth is carried by our colleagues who take their responsibility in an inspiring way, showing initiative and motivation.

With a positive yet critical attitude towards each other and the business processes we ensure quality and a continuous search for improvement. Within this continuously changing world where technology and data create new impulses and shape the way we do business, we are also committed to an active interpretation of a personal relationships with each other.






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Our labels

DDF People’s ambitious nature has resulted in organizational growth and expansion. Since the founding of Werkis / verder met werk in 2008, DDF People has expanded significantly, adding 11 new companies to the organization. Our companies operate independently and characterise themselves by a unique identity. The connection between our companies is strong because of the shared values of DDF People. These are credibility, dedication and a positive, yet critical attitude. We bundle our forces with customer satisfaction as our goal.

DDF People, share to grow.

2008, Establishing Werkis


2011, Establishing QOORE


2012, Establishing PEC Zwolle Werkt


2014, Establishing Bureau Techniek


2018, Establishing THRLL


2018, Establishing Brainpink


2018, Establishing Welovesociety


2019, Establishing Home of esports


2019, Establishing Base to Work


2019, Establishing Meester en Meester


2020, Oprichting Shaer e-learning


2020, Oprichting Degave


2021, Oprichting Capital Spring


2021, Oprichting Hamith


2021, Oprichting Green Resource Group


2021, Oprichting Higher Skills


Development of our colleagues

One of DDF People's main goals is to support our employees personal development. We aim to do so in multiple ways.


Our companies continuously move along with trends and the job market and are always searching for ways to improve, renew and innovate.


It is important to invest in development. Our colleagues are offered different training programmes to develop the knowledge and skills they require.

Tier model

Development helps poeple progress in their work. At DDF People, colleagues are able to grow in various directions and are coached in their growth towards any function within DDF people.

Build your dream

Our colleagues want to be the best they can be and have a clear goal. At DDF People, their entrepreneurial spirit and dream is stimulated by a training programme of their own choice, or starting their own business.

Career opportunities

At DDF People, we believe that work brings you progress. We offer our colleagues the opportunity to study without arrangements and in the light of entrepreneurial spirit various career opportunities.