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DDF People’s ambitious nature has resulted in organizational growth and expansion. Since the founding of Werkis / verder met werk in 2008, DDF People has expanded significantly, adding 11 new companies to the organization.

Werkis / verder met werk

Werkis is an accredited job intermediary. The company characterises itself by their conviction of wanting to the job well. Werkis offers the services of staffing, secondment, recruitment & selection, in-house services, pool management, training, apprenticeships, career coaching, assessments and legal advice. The company has a unique regional spread in the middle of the northern area of the Netherlands and is strongly represented in small and medium-sized businesses.

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QOORE specialises in recruitment and offers the business units recruitment, interim recruitment, consultancy and training. Based on relationship and innovation, QOORE offers a solution for recruitment and career steps. At QOORE, everything revolves around personal contact within the processes, as well as surpassing the expectations of the client to continuously innovate processes.

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PEC Zwolle Werkt

PEC Zwolle Werkt is a accredited job intermediary. The company is socially involved with PEC Zwolle and provides practical content in collaboration with Werkis/verder met werk. With a process-based approach, PEC Zwolle Werkt finds the right candidates for its clients.

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Bureau Techniek

Bureau Techniek is an accredit job intermediary in the technical sector. Bureau Techniek offers the services secondment, staffing, recruitment & selection, payrolling, testing, training and legal advice. The company is strongly represented in small and medium-sized businesses.

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Welovesociety stands for a society in which we get to know and appreciate each other on the basis of equality. In the Netherlands it helps organisations with social safety and well-being, in class rooms as well as in the workplace. We do this with current, interactive couselling and training about various social themes in which awareness, confrontation and breaking taboos are the central issues.

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Brainpink is a marketing specialist who creates change and development together. Based on their mission "boost your business", Brainpink relieves companies completely and marketing is optimally used in all areas to achieve marketing objectives. The full-service marketing agency offers graphic design, photo & video production, online marketing, content marketing, events, web development, concepting, corporate identity and social media marketing services. During the ultimate collaboration with the customer, expertise, creativity and innovation are the focal points.

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THRLL creates the combination between functionality, employer branding and sustainability. Together with our carefully selected suppliers, we stand for exclusive service and THRLL strives for 100% customer satisfaction. With the unique THRLL platform, companies can order clothing with the utmost simplicity. This is partly thanks to the Stock and Store concept: THRLL creates a platform for every customer with services and products that are relevant to the customer. This makes the THRLL platform unique for every customer.

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Base to Work

Base to Work guides and trains candidates who are at a distance from the job market and offers them a basis for sustainable work. With intensive support and guidance from candidates, they gain insight into their own abilities and development points towards self-reliance, with the aim of reducing the distance to obtaining and retaining study and work in order to integrate sustainably into the job market.

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Home of esports

Home of esports is an esports specialist that offers custom-made esports solutions at both B2B and B2C levels. Home of esports helps companies and clubs to set up a strategy, based on their own identity, to grow brands by binding young people to a brand with the use of esports. In addition, Home of esports offers an opportunity to develop players into esporters and to turn current esporters into heroes through branding. The full service agency offers the services custom-made online and offline events, talent management, master classes, brand activations and social responsibility.

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Meester en Meester

Meester en Meester stands for a safe and just society and helps individuals, businesses and the government with various legal and security issues. Meester en Meester makes legislation accessible and distinguishes itself through innovation, its specialist knowledge and the advisers of the future. Their services consist of consultancy, interim and their own academy.

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